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Rice: Nutrient-Rich Global Staple

Rice serves as the predominant staple globally, acting as the main source of sustenance for over a billion people across various countries. In addition to meeting energy needs through calories, rice addresses the fundamental requirements for proteins, vitamins, and assorted nutrients. In a 100-gram serving, rice consists of carbohydrates (77.8g), proteins (6.8g), fiber (1.4g), fats (0.6g), providing an energy content of 344 Kcal.

An examination of the vitamin and mineral composition per 100 grams reveals calcium (24mg), phosphorus (94mg), iron (0.8mg), potassium (5mg), thiamine (0.07mg), riboflavin (0.03mg), and niacin (1.6mg).

Significantly, brown rice showcases a higher content of dietary fiber compared to white rice, totaling 1.6g per 100g. The processing of white rice involves the elimination of the bran or seed coat, which contains the majority of the fiber.

It is imperative to acknowledge that the concentrated reservoir of nutrients and minerals is found in the outer layers of rice, particularly in the husk and germs.
Rice: Nutrient-Rich Global Staple

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