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Moisture in fish

Moisture in fish
Water is the principle component (up to 80%) of the edible portions of seafood.

Usually the oil and water content together total about 80%.

The method of storage as well as further processing, such as freezing determines the final moisture content of the fish flesh.

Considerable moisture, as well as soluble nutrients, may be lost in thaw drip. Water retention is highest in fresh fish. Finfish moisture contents generally show an inverse relationship to the lipid content.

The average percentage of moisture in raw edible flesh, summarized from various sources, is 77.2 with a range of 64.3 – 82.8%.

Raw shellfish moisture contents fall in the same range as finfish, but average is slightly higher, 80.1%.

About one fourth of the moisture can be lost during cooking, which results in concentration of other components.
Moisture in fish

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