Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Good balanced diet

In order to grow and develop, human’s bodies need nutrients. The body needs several different nutrients to stay healthy. These are: carbohydrate, fats, proteins, vitamin, and minerals. A balanced diet is one which contains different types of food in adequate quantity and right proportion so as to meet the nutritional requirements of our body. It also involves matching the energy being expanded with that being consumed.

It is not only fulfills timely requirements but also store some nutrients in human body to enable it to use in time of need. At different times in human life, their bodies need differing amounts of nutrient - for example, children for growth, adolescents during growth spurts and women when they breastfeeding.

A diet which is balanced for one person may not be balance for another one. This is because the nutritional requirement varies from person to person.A healthy diet is very simple - plenty of fresh, simple ingredients and not too much of all those tempting, rich, sugary, and fatty foods.
Good balanced diet
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